Thursday, May 31, 2012


We'd wanted to go to a Orioles' game sometime while in Baltimore especially after hearing about the Dugout program.  We were just going to sign up the 2 big boys but they really make it affordable and friendly so we signed all four kids up. We went to the Mother's Day game and had a really good time. 
the kids all got Orioles hats and bags as part of the dugout program. (We did splurge and get KG a pink hat too which she liked much better.)
they also each got a book as the prize for that game- of course, K read most of the book before the game started.
we sat up high mostly to be in the shade.
KG and James showing their new hats- well, the pink one we bought for KG and they gave James a camou hat for his military service.
T taking a break from the game to go play "air ball"
KG's turn
C seeing how fast his fast ball was. He did get 3 into the strike zone.  I don't have pics from the playground. Or from the big bag of snacks that we brought in with us- so nice to be able to bring snacks instead of paying stadium prices. We did watch a little baseball too! Nice day!

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