Monday, June 18, 2012

Summer Travels

We just returned from the first of our summer travels- we drove almost a thousand miles each way to Meridian, MS to visit Grandmollie. We stopped at Grandma's house in North Carolina on the way down. We enjoyed seeing everyone, a break from our drive, and Papa Murphy's pizza- our KS favorite take out pizza. We left early Friday morning for Mississippi and were very thankful for a good drive.

James and the boys stayed at a hotel while KG and I stayed at Grandmollie's. We had tons of yummy food, good catching up, and got to enjoy several MS traditions. Snowcones- probably 50+ flavors. The Dentzel carousel. Counting carousel horses around town.

 Church at Grace Fellowship. So good to get to see Grandmollie! 

 We found out that our "scary turkey ducks" are actually muscovy ducks  and good at eating mosquitos and bugs.

Then we drove back up to NC to spend a few days with Grandma, Uncle Brian, and Pops Leon.
K was super surprised when we celebrated his birthday early with Aunt Velma. 

Yummy cookout and K's first gun. He spent a lot of time the next two days like this:
and the other kids spent a lot of time like this:
 watching Daddy teach big brother how to fire. He'd been counting down the days until he turns eight to learn to hunt.

 The next day we had the kids' graduation. C's still a little unsure about going from K-1 to 1st grade- he's sure he's ready for 2nd grade but we had a nice graduation. K read the star spangled banner. C sang Amazing Grace. T read about rats. KG said Psalm 23rd. Daddy passed out certificates.
 Uncle B hung out with T.
After graduation we went to SciWorks a Science Museum in Winston-Salem- we so appreciate Blue Star Museums.  instead of around $10 each, we got in for free- nice! A great day!

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