Friday, September 2, 2011


We've been having a good summer but some days I've given myself a little pity party for being in a new big city where we don't know many people and James was gone pretty much the whole summer. So even though we are so blessed I was thinking about my lemons. I was even ready to write down my "lemons" just to add to one of my lonely days, but thankfully a good friend suggested I think of all the "lemonade" so here's some:

Lemon                                                                                          Lemonade
Left the church we'd gone to for a long time             We found a new church where we still feel God's presence
We don't have many friends here yet                           We've had a lot of good family time
James has been gone a lot                                               Not as much laundry or cooking :) (but I'd much rather have him here)
Arthritis in my knees                                                      My reason excuse for not getting up early to run
4 flights of stairs in house                                             Feel less bad about not getting up to exercise

I started this a while back and never finished so now I have more lemons and lemonade to add
Lost power for 3 days from Irene                                 We had a a gas stove so we could still cook, we had James' frig at work so we didn't lose much food, we had no damage, we had 4 kids who had a blast racing plasma cars in the basement by lantern light and said how glad they were to have no power so they'd have that much fun. (Oh and no computer/ TV was an added bonus!) 

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Janelle said...

Listing lemonade is much more fun that lemons!
God it good all the time! And think of the great memories you are making!!

Miss you guys!