Friday, September 2, 2011

Fun with Friends

Our super week with Nana & Papa was followed by a super weekend with friends. Some of our closest friends in Fayetteville moved away 2 years ago and we'd been wanting to get together but hadn't- until this weekend! It came together at the last minute and was terrific. C and her oldest were like peas in a pod- they played and giggled and made kites and just had a blast.  (But don't worry, C still knows who he's going to marry!)

KG was pretty excited about Kelly's daughter's Dora tennis racquet. I was amazed at how Kelly's son plays- at 3 he's pretty amazing! It did get us excited about tennis so we've been playing lots of backyard tennis since their visit.

So awesome that even though we've been separated by time and miles, when we were back together it was like we'd never been apart- well except for new stories.  Great friend, great weekend! 

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