Tuesday, September 6, 2011


We had such a great time on our camping trips this spring (other than KG screaming all night long.) We decided we would go camping once a month. Well right after we decided to camp once a month James left for Army work for the summer- most of it in Fort Lewis, WA. I do lots of things with the kids by myself but camping isn't one! During our crazy weather week last week (earthquake followed by hurricane) one of the boys suggested camping in the basement. But the weather was so nice so we decided to camp in the back yard.

We got into the camping mood with a trip to Seneca State Park for Park Quest #10- we're invited to the Park Quest Finale now! We played some rainy disc golf- which was a blast! Played in the park for a little while and then headed over to Larriland Farms for apple picking. We picked 80 lbs of apples- Gala, Smokehouse, and Honey Crisp. I think the boys' favorite part was climbing up the ladder to pick the Smokehouse apples or maybe picking from on Daddy's shoulder.

Zipline was the favorite and we had 3 super sharers!

He loves monkey bars- we should get some in the basement!

one of our apple pickers up high!
When we got home we set up tent. By we, I mean James and the kids while I tried to find somewhere in the kitchen to put 80 lbs of apples, a peck of peaches, and the other assortment of fruits and veggies from the farm. We grilled hotdogs for dinner and then the real fun began: campfire songs, stories, s'mores, singing apples, and sparklers. KG was sure she was ready for sleeping in the tent this time. She set up her blankies and pillows, practiced napping, and after a few games of Uno, she was ready to stay up all night. So KG and I went inside. The worn-out boys went right to sleep and James and I got to sit by the fire with a yummy drink picking out recipes for all our apples!
Daddy's set-up helpers

learning to build a fire

The next morning the kids enjoyed some camping cereal (any junk food cereal.) This time they had Captain Crunch- because we were making the Blue Moon Cafe's (from DDD) special: Captain Crunch French Toast . It was super yummy- if i do say so myself. The fun didn't stop there- after breakfast, we went to our terrific church and then to Bay Day United. The church picnic was great- good food, beautiful weather and spot, fun people, lots of bouncies for the kids, great worship music... All the kids fell asleep in the car on the way home. We woke them up for a yummy dinner of popcorn, peanuts, and peaches, a family movie night- Torchlighter's William Tyndale- and then to bed.  Praise God for a terrific weekend!

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