Friday, November 14, 2008

Fun Days

Wasn't it just yesterday that K & C were riding a bike like this.We continue to be blessed with fun with friends which helps to fill our days until James comes back home (which we're still praying for him to be home before Kayleigh is born.) Thursday morning after preschool (baking pumpkins & making pumpkin squares & 2 pumpkin pies) we went to Pine Valley Play Group. We're enjoying starting to get to know more neighbors & it's nice to not have to leave the neighborhood and still get kiddie playtime & mom talk time. After good naps for everyone, we had some friends come over for bread making & eating spaghetti & pumpkin pie. The kids had a blast & we made 5 loaves of bread & some rolls. The boys slept good after so much fun with friends- I was much happier with waking at 7 Friday instead of 5 am Thursday.
We had a rainy day Friday so we were very happy to have Fun Fridays go to the indoor playground at our church. Boys nap (and eat) so much when they get to burn off some energy. So more good naps & then the boys were so excited that friends were coming for dinner again. Three beautiful little s came for dinner & a movie; we're practicing having little s here :)
Here's the clip I tried to add the other day of T's new sign "more" which he used again tonight for more pizza. Mary Kay's s were shocked at how much pizza the boys ate.

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