Thursday, November 20, 2008

Awesome God

Tonight T starting singing C's favorite song "Awesome God " on his own. Here's a clip of the boys singing- T has the first motion down right!
His singing made me feel better than C's choice of songs- he asked me to sing "God's American Pie". He said the one about "men drinking whiskey and dying." It made me think twice about what songs I sing around the house!

So somehow I think I missed that Pirates of the Carribean is a pretty goofy movie. I started wondering when the previews played- now I'm not crazy about the movie but I can't send it back without watching it- can I? I think I just saw a talking crab/ man.

Since Feb when I first saw this house, we've liked the neighborhood, but I think we like it more and more as we get to know some of the people in it. Yesterday I was standing outside watching our three boys and a friend's little running around our yard on a beautiful fall day and thought how good it is. They were having a blast. I tried to take some pictures but they just don't show how beautiful & fun it was. K was so excited that we get to see them 3 days in a row! We went to a neighborhood playgroup this morning and then had more fall fun after naps today as we got to see our friends down the street. I'm so thankful for all the people God has put into our lives especially with James deployed.

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