Saturday, December 31, 2016

WFMD- I wrote this last Spring

That's Works For Me Day (since I'm starting this post on Saturday but have no idea when I'll post it.:)
I always liked the Works For Me posts but I really haven't been blogging or reading blogs much lately so I've gotten away from it. It's usually how someone shares something that's been working for them. but I've also like it as a way for me to think through the things that are working well for us. Because I know I need to be reminded about those! The things that are hard just scream at us for attention and seem to get it. And I know I do want to think about "whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things."  

So what is working for us? 

Job of the Day- we have a kitchen helper, water helper book straightener, chicken helper, and "cT" helper. I'm still working on getting the kitchen helper cooking more meals than breakfast but that's a start! I love that the kids love books. we are still working on people putting books away after they read them, but the book helper helps us to reset each morning The "T" helper job is still in the works- this was c helper but when she turned 4, she became a big girl. The chicken helper is a good idea that some do better than others.

Room of Responsibility- each week our biggest four are each assigned a room of responsibility- bathroom, living room floor, living room furniture, or ask mommy. It's their job to straighten (or clean for bathroom) that room each morning. 

Chore clip boards- James duct taped each of the kids' clipboards so it's easy to tell whose it is and put nails up on the wall to hang them. Each week I give the kids a chore chart that lists their chores for the week. A few change each week, lots stay the same. (I keep meaning to have the kids fill out their own and call it handwriting but I haven't been that organized yet.)

Rotations/ short lessons are still working for us. Some days better than others but it's amazing how much you can do it a short amount of time when you keep doing it lots of days! And I really enjoy that I get one on one time with each of the kids each day and reading lots of great books! We have branched out so "Spanish" now includes Rosetta Stone, DuoLingo, XtraMath, and Dance mat typing (occasionally- I'm not really sold on that one- seems more game than typing.) K keeping up with his own school is great! He's really plugging along. He loves reading and history which helps! 

Just keeping going with Math is working for us. No pressure of having to get done on a certain day. We can slow down when needed or speed up. Love going at the right pace for each!

Today Kathi Lipp's 2000 item declutter challenge worked for us. Well we modified it to 250 items but that's a start! The kids did great decluttering. Yes, they are excited about the "Clutter cake" I promised them once they reached 250. (Well once our junk food/ sweets fast ends 31 January.) They were so excited and did a great job! Yes, lots of it was little stuff but that's often what clutter is, isn't it?

I started this post with the plan of posting this link because my sweet baby boy is becoming more of a busy toddler than a sweet baby. How did that happen so fast? I'll soon need some ideas of things to keep him doing good! 

oh and I want to we're going to start hymns again. Reading this  made me want Hymns for a Kid's Heart but I couldn't find it online tonight. Maybe at the consignment sale coming up. Although I bet people keep that one if they get it. 

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