Monday, December 26, 2016

T's 9!!

I can't believe our third is nine already. Such a great boy! So blessed to be his mom!  T loves baseball, soccer, legos, comic books. He plays hard but also likes his rest. He often runs ahead on our walks so he can take a little rest.  He's great at rubbing my hair, loves backrubs, and is super with his baby brother and sister. We had a fun celebration this year.  We went to the early service church and then drove to Greensboro.  Everyone was happy to go use their summer reading program gift cards at Edward McKay book store. Then we went to the Greensboro Children's Museum and had a great time! Last year V was just an observer- this year he was all in! All the kids took turns taking V and c to try out all the fun things- work in the dental office, drive an ambulance, sort mail, go camping, ... So much fun!!

 We were having so much fun we could have stayed longer but we wanted to get to Grandma's house. V fell asleep just as we got there so the other kids stayed with Grandma while V and I went shopping! We enjoyed dinner and cake and then played the fun game Grandma gave T for his birthday- "would you rather." Fun times!

 Monday morning Grandma had work. We had breakfast and then hit the tennis court! We had a lot of fun hitting the ball around, played a little soccer, and then headed to Sciworks.  We had just as good a time as we had Sunday. Kids loved all the machines- they were even reading and learning from the signs too :) V really loved the animals and petting the cornsnake. Tons of great exhibits!

 We got home in time to make carrot souffle, shrimp scampi, and pound cake for dinner. T even opened a present or two before soccer practice. We had a great day!! Happy birthday T!

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