Friday, October 23, 2015

Friends, Fall, Field Trips, Feathered Friends

can you guess what week it is?

How does this pic Fit with F week?
We no longer Fill up our van- bigger van = room For Friends!
We got to use our new van For Field trips and Friends this week. We went back up to Hubbs Corn Maze and had a great time.

KG had a hurt knee last year and couldn't do all the fun things so she was extra excited this year!

T took 100+ pics of this cutie!

Then they needed to rest in the corn bath!

Kids's new favorite fun at Hubbs- human Foosball

I only got two by the growth chart this time- since Foosball was so fun!

Our grand Finale pic from our Field trip before we gave our Friends a ride

Our Feathered Friends are so Fun

Friends finding time together

Fun Fellowship night at Festival Park

Finished our F week with Fun Flavors at Feathered Friends (AKA Pelicans) 

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