Saturday, October 10, 2015

D Week:

 Still haven't blogged much but a picture is worth a thousand words right!

We went on a nice field trip to Clark Park for a Native American class. The instructor was very good and the kids did great. Only v didn't listen :) Even c sat quietly the whole time in the class. This dinosaur even made it fit with D week :)

Of course are biggest D connection was Donuts! We mad pumpkin and Double chocolate. We also made Date nut muffins and Date Bars. 

And Dinner with Daddy was the biggest highlight so far. All the D baking tired me out! so we Decided to go use our Book it coupons! 

Then we went Driving in the Drizzling rain to Donuts with Daddy! (so much better than Donuts when we drop off Daddy)

And I got to go on a Daughter Date! we celebrated KG half birthday with lunch out- just us!

well and this adorable little guy!

And finished out the week with Darts for Devotion! 

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