Saturday, October 25, 2014

Woefully Behind on Blogging

I was just thinking tonight how I started this blog 6 years ago to keep James updated during his deployment. Overall I've done pretty well at keeping it updated. Of course, some spurts of not blogging much, then some catch up time, but I think this last couple months has been my most behind. Thankfully between Facebook, messaging, phone calls, and photo sharing James can still keep up with us. But i still want to catch up on our blog- for James, for me, for family, friends, ... this is my scrapbook too. so many memories I want to remember. So many things I think I'll never forget but the years go by and it's hard to remember. I want to record some of them. Where to start not that I'm almost 4 months behind. I guess no time like the present. So I'l start here and try to catch back up.

So much to be thankful for. We are so blessed to be back in Fayetteville while James is away. We love our church, our neighborhood, our friends (old and new), our new homeschool group, our house...

Just this month we've gone to a fun Manna Servers' family fun event at Festival Park,

 Played lots of soccer. This is the Carolina Panthers. K blogged about his team the Fusion
 Gone hiking with friends. We loved the Methodist University Trails. The kids found some turtles,
 beautiful bridges and waterfalls,
 the ROTC confidence obstacle course,
 and just fun times with friends! (I don't have pics of the friends changing my tire, fixing my lawnmower, watching my kids, fixing us dinner... but definitely thankful for all that too!)
 Fun hikes at Clark Park with the B. Boys,
 first dancing class,
 a fun trip to the fair,

 super cool stunt show at the fair,
 tons of stickers from the fair,
 and family fun in the woods behind our house.
And I'll do another post for the Coles trip, Hubbs Farm trip, and some homeschool fun. So thankful!

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