Saturday, October 25, 2014

October continued...

I really want to keep up more with blogging after this but at least here are some pictures. Starting with when we got back from Myrtle Beach in September. We had a great "field trip" to PetSmart on our way home. The kids loved seeing all the fun animals.
 We had met friends Mazarick Park for tennis and playtime. Fun times- even if we were a little too loud for tennis.

 Picnic with friends (don't read the label on the bag- we are finished with their especially after I found out the fries have milk in addition to all the other bad things for you.) But the together time was fun!
 beautiful sunsets at soccer practice,
 Fun walks with friends at Clark Park. We went back to Clark Park with Hillegonda and Champ and Baby C kept asking for them.
 Grandma and Pops Leon visit and soccer.
 Baby C and Grandma stayed up to see me when I got home from my night with friends! (I so appreciate Grandma and Pops Leon coming so I could have an evening with friends- thank you!)
 KG and the boys find lots of friends outside- grasshoppers, frogs, ...
 Another pic of the lake we were excited to find from our hike from our backyard.
 Fun with friends. Part of New Mommies group 9+ years later.

 Birthday party fun with the BBs.

 our Spanish Pirate dinner in the garage Muy bien!
 One of the few pics I have from the Coles visit. It was short but good. We are so thankful that despite living very far apart we've seen each other a lot over the years. A short visit is definitely better than no visit. We packed a lot into the couple of days- walk in the woods, lots of food, soccer games, a geocache, lots of hanging out,
 and a trip back to the Airborne Special Ops Museum. I didn't get many pics but we had a good time and I'm looking forward to seeing Janelle's.
 More soccer fun!
 And lots of time for dress up!
So thankful for all our blessings!

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