Saturday, May 11, 2013


is such a big part of our life, our days. I know everyone eats but when you're home most days with 5 hungry kids it really seems like a big part of our day. the kids and I sit down together at least 3 times a day. James usually joins us for at least a meal or two. And besides all her nursing, baby C has started eating food with us too. I really wanted to wait longer but she was sure she's ready. So far she's eaten sweet potato, bananas, rice cereal, and avocado.  And really likes it! 

The kids (especially C) really love making breakfast- especially breakfast in bed. We have had some interesting meals- I think this is scrambled eggs with a side of marshmallows and apricots, topped with Christmas sprinkles.
Here's our most enthusiastic chef
Our creative meals haven't always included marshmallows- here my sweet boy knew that we were eating lots of salad during our whole 30- so eggs with salad

what a blessing to wake up to 4 kids serving this beautiful fruit salad, eggs with salad, and cereal with marshmallows

C and T made this breakfast surprise (eggs, hotdogs, and cheetos) as a special send-off meal before K went with James to the Royal Rangers Pow-wow.
We missed the photo baby C was in the baby bjorn while KG was making chex mix so Baby C had her first turn stirring.

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