Thursday, March 29, 2012

more fun

we wanted to get a way for a day or two over James' spring break but hadn't decided exactly what to do when Barrier Island Station OBX called to see if we wanted to go there for 3 nights. Of course we had to listen to a sales pitch but we had great time on the trip. we did a lot of swimming- it was amazing the difference in each of the kids' swimming ability just in the last couple months. K and C were swimming all over the place and T and KG were floating everywhere. 
 we went to the beach several times too- James and I played lots of bocce ball while the kids ran, played, built sand castles, ... so fun! a couple of new things on this trip- we picked up steamed crabs from O'Neals and ate them on the front deck of the condo.  everyone loved them this time!

We spent a day at Roanoake Island Festival Park- next time it's open when we go we'll spend two days. I love when history is so fun! great outdoor exhibits (Indian village, colonial village, ship) and nice museum with lots of history to see, read, and touch.

 Our other new thing was a free Rita's Italian Ice on the first day of spring. so yummy! what a great trip!

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