Saturday, March 24, 2012

Fun Times

We've been so busy living life I haven't posted much. I'm so thankful for all our blessings. I have found the gratitude journal ap and have updated that some. but here are a few more
- I'm thankful for new friends. we were invited to a wonderful super bowl party and have been meeting those friends at the park every week or two. Fun for all.

-beautiful weather- we've been blessed with such a mild winter and already a beautiful spring. I love being outside. We've enjoyed many days hiking, playing, hanging out, ...
we really enjoyed our 6 Fridays of Park Pals. Lots of fun, nature learning, time outdoors, making new friends, good times! We'd love to do this again over the summer.

-our baby boy learned to ride his bike without training wheels (well, he's able to do it in the back yard but he still gets nervous.)

-our baby girl learned to pedal her big wheel.

-we're loving family ju-jitsu. we've been doing gracie games a couple times a week and having a blast. the kids all love doing it. so great to have this activity together which James leads.

-we went to a great event at church last night and really enjoyed it. The theme was "Look Forward" and the pastor talked about the vision for the church: wanting Christ incarnate as center of church. What a great plan for not just church but my life. He talked about always "living in His presence and being His presence" while being "in God, with one another, and for the world." We finished the night by enjoying ice cream- we had maple bacon, lemon basil sorbet, key lime, honey graham, and ice cream sundaes. Yummy!

- my new bread recipe has been turning out great. I am so excited about my new bread recipe from Passionate Homemaking

-K & C (and James) were super excited about their first Pinewood Derby. T & KG and I went too (our plan was the farmers market and library but forgotten keys meant we got to see the PWD too.)

-we enjoyed learning more about St Patrick this year. We didn't have any leprechauns this year- it was too loud so they didn't stop but we still had green pancakes, green smoothie, green cupcakes, and corned beef and cabbage which was super yummy.

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