Sunday, July 19, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Does time fly or what? K is 5 now!

We had a wonderful birthday party yesterday. the kids all had a blast- I think the grown ups did too! K had a Diego party- he colored Diego coloring pages for decorations, put together Diego goodie bags for his friends, and made and decorated Diego island cake. James did a great job decorating the Diego cake. The kids loved playing in the pools and slip n slide.

"Happy Birthday K" or "Happy to you" as T sings
this is definitely C- fits his giving everything his all
T was glad to be cuddled and warmed up by Grandma
KG spent lots of time with Pops Leon

Thankfully T didn't hit anyone- he was trying out his tennis skills in the pool
one of the few times the kids were still in the pool- they got a big whirlpool going in it
Didn't James do an awesome job on decorating the cake!
and K did a great job on Diego Island. I should add a map legend since he can't explain on the blog- but the blue is the water, light brown at the bottom the beach, brown up top the mountains and Diego's house, and the gray is the town- pretty creative!

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