Friday, November 2, 2018

Homeschool soccer

The boys played homeschool soccer for the first time this year. What a great season! They didn't win any of their games but they grew so much as players and a team over the year. This was by far our favorite sports season (well besides tennis.)

I should find some pics of the girls and V on the sidelines. since part of the fun was also how all the families got to know each other. But I want to go ahead and post. so I'll just post our top 10 reasons why we like Crusaders soccer (in no particular order):

1. great group of boys
2. great group of families
3. boys could all be on same team
4. there's a playground by their practice location
5. practices in the afternoon = free evenings
6. games during the week = free Saturdays
7. lots of years ahead to play soccer together

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