Sunday, November 15, 2015

Soccer 2015

little c and her friend- they were so sweet. they hugged every practice and game and played sweetly together 

Goalie T- he loved it!

I sad mostly sad that soccer is over. We really enjoyed it. The kids improved a lot, had lots of fun, and met lots of super friends. Mostly because it will be good to get our nights and Saturdays back- especially in time for the holidays! We are almost ready for our soccer team. K playing defense, C on offense, KG as midfield, T as goalie, and little c as cheerleader!

Here's the big panthers after their potluck. That was a great idea for an end of season party!

Backyard soccer was super fun! and doesn't have to end. Most days we had backyard soccer!

The best days of backyard soccer were with Daddy!

I was wrong when I thought that going to soccer games wasn't family time- it so is! Lots of time cheering for each other!

where's my zoom lens for my defender?

little panthers after their last game! No one would guess KG was youngest on the team!

Nana and little c cheering on little Panthers at their first game

We were glad that Nana and Papa could make the big boys' first game too!

Not a soccer! but super cute and Cs in a soccer uniform :)

 Ks practice

little c and her friend playing light stick tag- she loved having her friend there! They bonded while playing mudpies  

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