Friday, May 1, 2015

Baby V's first month

Daddy got to hike to our lake!
I've been meaning to update blog but between feeding baby, feeding kids, potty training toddler, keeping ok house, ... the blog seems to stay like it is (lots of partially done blogs-) so tonight during family movie night here goes with James' pics from V's month

I guess I did sleep some in the hospital :)

Wtih all that cuteness- no words are needed!

All the boys loved their Daddy haircuts especially this one

did we flashback to winter?

His first week was filled with lots of dessert!

Outside is the best place to be!

Look at those handsome/ pretty church-goers- V and I stayed home and napped!

Kids loved Daddy taking them to neighborhood Easter Egg hunt

so sweet!

so sweet part 2!

so proud to be a big sister

Enjoying working in the yard!

so glad that James could take kids to park during Vs doctor visits- 3 days the first week home!

Our first family trip to the park- Clark Park

Love family movie night!

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