Thursday, July 11, 2013

PQ 8 and 9

We headed out early Friday morning for PQ 8- Fair Hill. We did this one in the rain two years ago but didn't do it last year. I'm glad we went back this year. This was a different hike- one to commemorate the Mason-Dixon line. I didn't remember much about it other than it representing the line between the North and South during the Civil War. Although Maryland does not seem like the south :) 
It was really neat to read about placing the 200+ monuments every mile; 250 years ago and they were really accurate! We had a nice day out but it was still pretty warm in the sun. When there were no trail markers after the turn-around, I thought it might be a long day. Fortunately my instinct was right and we made it back without turning around. And we were able to confirm to the Park rangers that yes there are trail markers missing. 

I was a little worried to go do another Park Quest since the first took more time, food, water, and energy that i expected. But I'm so glad we went. The kids were so excited when we drove through the gate and the park ranger handed us beach toys! The kids loved building a town on the beach. They built Lewisburg on the rocks and Foolsville on the sand. Then the rains came down. Thankfully Lewisburg stood up pretty well. The kids were excellent news reporters, townspeople, and even the mayor on the hurricane that hit the towns. Fun times! So glad I didn't let our lack of swimsuits stop our fun. T even started swimming on his own!

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