Thursday, November 1, 2012

Favorite Parts of this storm

Just after midnight and sweet baby in my belly kept stepping on my bladder. Then I woke up and realized I should really make oatmeal for breakfast- a nice hot bowl of oatmeal in the morning sounds super.  I am a little of an oatmeal snob- rolled oats are for granola and cookies, but only steel cut for oatmeal. They take a little while unless you soak overnight so I got up to make oatmeal. and started thinking about how thankful I am. I could write a really long post on how all the things I'm thankful for- God, healthy family, husband who loves me, ...

but here's my list of what I'm thankful for during this storm (in no particular order)

Gas stove- so nice to be able to have hot coffee and oatmeal to warm us up for breakfast and soup for hot dinner!
Generator- after one of the power outages, James bought a generator- which has been great- we can plug in the refrigerator and a heater- awesome to keep using the frig!
James home- I was just glad to have him here- kids loved jujitsu & books with Daddy! and him taking care of the generator was super!
School- we didn't have to cancel school for the weather- which is extra super since we'll take some time off after baby's arrival!
Puzzles- we did almost all our puzzles- fun & we got to get the mixed up pieces back where they go!
Camping- the kids were glad to "camp out" in KG's room with their sleeping bags
Goldfish- the kids won 2- Shine & Sparkle- they've been fun to feed and watch
-Hot apple cider - yum!!
Internet- it was nice to still be able to still see what's going on in the world
Baby stayed where she is!

Some great memories from other power outages-
blueberry pancakes at the Alvis' house in Kansas
potluck with neighbors in Kansas

we are glad to have the power back on now and looks like heater should work later today!

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