Monday, December 5, 2011

Overindulgence, too ambitious, ... over zealous Sunday

I'm not sure what the right title is but I definitely overdid it. It all started so innocently. After a good church service, Sunday afternoon seemed like the perfect time for Christmas baking. The boys have super cute Christmas aprons (thanks Janelle) We could take some cookies to our neighbors. KG was taking a nap. James took T to Giant. Well I kept seeing yummy recipes and before you knew it we were baking a pumpkin pie and in the middle of 7 other recipes. If they didn't taste so yummy, I would have said we could have filmed "cooking gone bad." Well bad isn't the right word- just too much! 

So many lessons learned Sunday- (for cooking and for life)
-do a few things well (instead of lots of things okay)
-have a plan
-stick to the plan
-there is such a thing as too much of even a good thing
-I don't have to make everything that looks good on pinterest!
-read the directions

here's some of the recipes we used- I wouldn't recommend making them all the same day!

Didn't Make

why I won't make chex mix in the microwave again (or try to bake it at 350 with my pumpkin pie!)

we did end with a good family devotion- how do you get to heaven?

Christmas bark- yummy!

one cute Christmas wreath

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