Saturday, October 15, 2011

State Fair!

We are having a great first week of school- Monday birthday celebration, Wednesday end of August celebration at B and O Railroad museum, and today- the state fair! It was terrific- everything you think of at a fair: tons of animals, tons of rides, yummy greasy food, the only thing missing was the crowd! There was a crowd as we were leaving but not really until then. We really had a great time. We got there before 2 and headed to the 4H booth first. The kids (and James and I) were really amazed by some of the things the 4H kids made- tables, chairs, neat displays, amazing cakes, ... K is counting down the days until he can join.

Then we saw tons of animals- cows, pigs, alpacas, sweet baby ducks, sheep, chickens, rabbits. We watched sheeps being sheared, cows being showed, but my favorite was the baby animal section. We saw a 2 hour old baby calf. We got to watch him trying to figure out how to nurse- he got to try to learn with C cheering on the sideline- "you missed! That's a knee!"  He finally figured it out so we were able to continue our day at the fair. The kids pet chicks and a baby pig.  K and C even milked a cow. They loved the soybeanbox (like a sandbox with lots of digging tools). The kids each got to do a ride and game. Time to eat! We tried lots of yummy fair food- popcorn, chips, a turkey leg, a lam gyro, a lamb BBQ sandwich, fried nutterbutter,  fried oreos, fried buckseye (PB & Chocolate), french fries, a funnel cake, cotton candy. And on Sunday one nice green leaf.

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Janelle said...

I should have a green leaf ready for us after the fair too!! If only we would then turn into a butterfly!!
Sounds like lots of fun!! We are excited for our trip on MOnday!!