Monday, July 25, 2011

Nana & Papa Visit

We had a great visit with my parents. They were very happy to arrive at our house- especially with their car trouble.  

The kids were excited to see the tow truck in action.

After lunch Sunday we headed out to Park Quest #8: Susquehanna. 
C and KG as early 1800s children doing chores

boys watching their corn being ground into cornmeal

corn meal ground, mail delivered, water carried, time to enjoy the mansion's AC :)

outside the Rock Run mansion at Susquehanna: Park Quest #8

Hiking is always the kids' favorite part of Parkquest

Sunday night we celebrated K and Papa's birthdays with a Turtle Cake. Most years we've celebrated their birthdays together so K always looks forward to that.
Happy Birthday to K and Papa!

Monday we went to Park Quest #9: Sandy Point. I probably should have read more about the park & packed for the beach. but we improvised and everyone had a blast.  The treasure really was the beautiful beach and the molting crab we saw in the nature center. Even little KG suddenly decided she likes the water- "Go deeper Mommy".  I wish I'd taken my camera- although I don't know that a picture could fully capture the joy on the kids' faces as they played in the water. 

Tuesday we went to Days Cove- we've really enjoyed our Tuesday Park Pals and Sprouts there. And the boys were especially excited to have Nana and Papa go with them. 

Wednesday we went to K's speech. It was great to be able to go in with him while Nana and Papa went on an adventure with the other 3. They didn't see our friend the cat but they did find all the letters of the alphabet. Then off to our first Diners, Dive-Ins, and Drives restaurant:  G and A Restaurant.  We had a great time there. The food was good- coney island hotdogs, sliders, and fries with gravy- and the waitresses & owner were terrific.  After lunch we went to the American Visionary Arts Museum. Part of the Blue Star Museum summer free museums for military. We had a great time. It was so neat. The kids really loved the toys hanging from the ceiling when you come and the whoopee cushion bench. There were lots of other neat things too. The only downer was spraining my ankle.

Thursday we celebrated Dad's birthday with another DDD- The Blue Moon Cafe. Everything was good but the Captain Crunch French toast was amazing. Then we hunted for the Charm City Circulator but did a scenic driving tour of the waterfront instead. We had berry crisp topped with chocolate banana "ice cream" for another celebration of Papa's birthday. Friday morning, Nana, Papa, and K headed towards Florida. K is super excited about his birthday trip.  KG keeps asking "where's K?" When I tell her Florida, "Why he not here? Miss K" So sweet! What a great week!

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