Sunday, May 15, 2011

Beautiful Spring

Our neighbors told us we arrived in Baltimore at the best time- the peak of it's beauty. I'm sure they're right bc it's beautiful right now. They are lots of neat museums and other things to do here, but we're loving spending most of our days in pretty green areas. The boys are pretty good walker/ hikers now since we do a lot of it. Most days are not too far- we've been going to Sherwood Gardens (beautiful tulips, then azaleas, now roses) & Guilford Gateway- where the boys practice baseball with James when he gets off work on time. Now we've been branching out to walk to the library, grocery store, and YMCA playground some days and Stony Run Park others. One of these days I'll send my MANY pics of squirrels, robins, flowers, cocoons so I can upload them, but not today. but it is really neat to see them all and to see how different city animals are from out in the country. On a bike ride the other day, we stopped under a trip and watched a robin sitting about 3 feet from us for a long time. We get super close to the squirrels too. We picked up a book about birds and have been reading some about them each day.

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