Thursday, January 27, 2011


So I've been watching KG toddle around- she's at such a cute age- (most of the time it's cute.) And thought she says so many cute things that I'm sure I'll always remember, except I don't remember all the boys said and did. I think of them at the age they are now. so I'm trying to do a good job recording these cute things.

Here's a couple from T:
one day this week, C came in my room in tears bc his rubber band bracelet broke. T said when he's big enough for one of those he wants one with bones inside so it doesn't break.

then today we were talking about birthdays. I said mine is in June. He started laughing and asked why grown-ups have birthdays.

This isn't funny but I thought I'd added enough posts today so this goes in funnies. I'm going to a new Bible study- and we read the verses from Isaiah 40:29-31. When I read the part about soar like wings of eagles, I was reminded of our trip to Wright Brothers last week. In the movie, they said the Wright brothers noticed there were two types of flying birds- flapping and soaring. Eagles soar. As I read Isaiah 40:29-31 I thought I spend a lot of time flapping- when God wants me soaring. I also thought eagles usually soar up high, while flapping birds are lower down. That fits me too- I spend so much time, energy, focus on lower things- not focused high. Now I'll strive to soar like eagles!

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