Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wonderful Wednesday

I started to write wordless Wednesday since that seems to be the trend and I mostly just want to add some pics since I've been behind on pics, but they can't be wordless and today was wonderful!

I love the spring- the beautiful flowers outside, awesome weather, fun things to do. Today we went to Farm Days in Raleigh with friends. They had lots of animals- pigs, cows, turkeys, chickens, horses, ... The boys got to hold baby chicks, pet rabbits, pigs, and a baby goat and play on lots of tractors. Then a beautiful picnic and free ice cream! What a nice day!

who says hospital gowns aren't cute! Here's K before his surgery last week.
we've spent lots of time building outside- race tracks, obstacle courses, parks, houses, ... good thing we're packrats so we kept the scrap wood from when James built the deck.
KG's shirt was green under her jacket. can you guess when this was?
KG's first playtime at CEC- a birthday party for a friend.
I don't have any pics from yesterday's birthday party at the skating rink. The boys all had a great time. Even KG got to go out on the rink- I skated and she rode in the stroller. Lots of fun!

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